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Fresh cherry blossoms, bright with the green of new growth, inspire a nursery filled with beauty and tranquility.  Baby girl will bloom in a soothing world of light gray accented by rich magenta and green elements.  Bold colors shine alone but are muted against a gray background.  Blossom print is complemented by a shimmery soft gray woven velvet, a mini polka dot in apple green and a calming white velvet.  Multi-patch bumper is hand sewn with silver piping and shell grey grosgrain.  Quilt features matching trim and a super soft backing for baby’s comfort.  Hand made in the USA for quality, comfort and style.  The variety of coordinating décor makes decorating the nursery easier than ever.  From vinyl decals, floor coverings and lighting to canvas art and storage solutions, Blossom has the decorative essentials to make baby’s nursery magical.

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Fish Tales


Your lil sailor is going to love this nautical inspired collection.  Navy and sky blue, slate, white and cream combine beautifully for a balanced and harmonious blending of unique fabrics.  The adorable fish are actually embroidered (not printed) on cream ground.  The fish are richly detailed and a fine example of high quality materials with added durability.  The stripe is lightly textured seersucker and the white fabric is soft velvet.  Bumper, quilt and rail guards are trimmed with silver corded piping.  Quilt back is super soft cream fabric.  Bumper ties are shell gray grosgrain ribbon.   Fish Tales tend to get better with the telling, but this one lives up to the story ...the one that didn't get away!  Hand made in the USA for quality, comfort and design you can count on.  

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Lil Hoot


Adorable owls keeps watch over baby in this delightful collection of brightly colored lil hoots.  Detailed print features feathered friends in shades of daffodil, apple green, turquoise, gray and snow.  Trimmed with silvery grey piping, and accented with velvet and richly textured prints.   Premium fabrics withstand years of love and use.  Hand sewn in USA.  Hoot owl expressions are charming, whimsical and sure to please.  

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Lilly & Flo



 The word "flamingo" comes from the Spanish and Latin word "flamenco" which means fire, and refers to the bright color of the birds' feathers.  Fresh, pretty and beautiful are the words that spring to mind in describing Lilly & Flo.  The flamingo fabric is laser printed which creates a sharper, crisper pattern with richer and more robust color than standard printing. The lavender, orange, indigo and fuchsia hues of the feathers are beautifully accented by watermelon and tangerine solid matelasse fabrics.  Dimensional pink puff fabric and lavender polka dots add even more whimsy.  Quilt and bumper are trimmed with silver piping.  Quilt is lined with super soft white backing.  A flamboyance of flamingos showing off their amazing pink hues.  A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance. FACT. If that doesn't make your day better, we give up.

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Luna features a soothing neutral design for baby boy and girl in calming shades of iceberg, taupe, glacier and sky.  The organic shape of the print is complemented by a narrow stripe, silvery grey velvet and white velvet.  Multi-patch bumper is hand sewn with silver piping and shell grey grosgrain.  Quilt features matching trim and a super soft backing for ultimate comfort.  Creating a custom look for your nursery has never been easier.  An impressive assortment of decorative pieces are available for you to choose from for a look that fits your personal style.  Luna’s gentle lines and calming color palette provide a tranquil environment to lull baby to sleep.

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 Penelope is a beautifully fresh collection in shades of lavender and wisteria. Rosebuds are embroidered on sheer fabric and sewn with an underlining. Purple polka dots are embroidered on white taffeta. Gingham check is woven; not printed. Lovely French toile fabric is 100% cotton and depicts children playing in a pastoral setting alongside bunnies, lambs and ducklings. Perky pom poms and woven cord add an elegant finishing touch to this classic design.

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    Pippin is big on style, bold on color, and beautiful for baby girl.  Wonderful design combines several classic patterns for a delightful nursery.  Bright fuchsia & chartreuse pop next to black, white and grey.  Crisp black and white stripe crib skirt with pink quatrefoil sheet and colorful print quilt are accented by fresh chevron and polka dots.  Quilt features silver piping and a super soft backing for ultimate comfort.  At  34 x 42", it's the perfect size to wrap baby in cozy comfort.  The soft backing eliminates the need for stiff poly fill making it great for use as a stroller blanket.  Grosgrain ribbon bumper & rail guard ties add bright pink to the outside of the crib.  Rail guards and hand patched bumper are finished with silver corded piping.  All fitted sheets are fully elasticized (all the way around) for a secure fit that won't slip.  Deep pockets accommodate most mattresses.  Crib skirt has a 16" drop.  Decorating the nursery has never been easier or more inspiring with a wide range of accessories to choose among.  Framed art, vinyl decals and fabric covered canvases are just some of the wall decor available to you as well as unique storage essentials like colorful hampers, waste bins and Ubbi diaper pail covers. Hand made in the USA

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Traffic Jam


There’s a traffic jam on Route 66 and you won’t want to miss it!  Vintage pickup trucks, roadsters, VW bugs, motorcycles and station wagons create retro fun in this classic baby boy’s bedding collection.  Yellow polka dots, chocolate chevron and blue velvet add stylish color and on point design for today’s nursery.  Multi-patch bumper is hand sewn with brown piping and grosgrain ties.  Quilt features matching trim and a super soft backing for ultimate comfort.  Decorating the nursery has never been easier.  Wall décor includes a variety art including fabric covered canvases, framed prints with glass, large wall decals and hooks for hanging items.  Coordinating essentials range from matching hamper and waste can to Ubbi diaper pail covers, table lamp, and hanging drum shades.  Hand made in the USA for quality, comfort and design you can count on.

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  A nature theme in soothing gray and cool glacier against warm taupe makes a gorgeous bedding set for baby boys and girls.  Soft tan fabric is woven with a subtle herringbone pattern for extra richness and texture.  Finely embroidered willow branches are budding with blue velvet starts.  The velvet is sewn in place then cut to reveal a dimensional willow bud. Supple grey velvet is woven with silver accent threads for a luminous sparkle that perfectly complements the rich, lustrous blue velvet.  Twiggy radiates sophisticated elegance with a depth of color and richness of fabric that you'll be sure to love and enjoy for years to come.  Heirlooms for future generations made by hand in the USA.